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Tibetan Mushroom

So time ago a friend of mine who had stomach problems said he has overcome the problem by taking a glass of milk from the residue of a Tibetan Mushroom.

Here is some description of what a Tibetan Mushroom is and its qualities


Tibetan Milk Mushroom

Some visitors of this site perfectly know what Tibetan milk mushroom is. Nevertheless, for the majority of readers the given type of the cultivated zoogloeas is still a mystery. What Tibetan milk mushroom is, what importance it has for our organism and how it should be prepared - you will learn these and many other things today.

Tibetan milk mushroom is found more seldom than other zoogloeas. But those who succeeded in finding the Tibetan milk mushroom are really lucky, as it is not only useful but has an extraordinary pleasant taste that cannot leave indifferent even the most tempted gourmets. If you have firmly decided to taste the milk infusion first of all address to the acquaintances, relatives and neighbours. Some of them certainly have the milk mushroom and will cheerfully share it with you.

What is Tibetan milk mushroom?

For the first time Tibetan milk mushroom was discovered over three hundred years ago. Unfortunately, there is no information on how it has been found, and the only thing we know its native land is Bulgaria. And still, what is Tibetan milk mushroom? It is a symbiotic organism the basis of which is sour-milk active bacteria by means of which they are being developed. Generally, the milk mushroom is the unique culture having no analogues of the character and structure, and of influence on a human body. The milk mushroom contains a large quantity of useful bacteria and substances that singles it out of modern sour-milk products.

The result of milk mushroom influence

According to historical observations of scientists, the Tibetan mushroom possesses a number of medical properties. Its curative action was already described hundreds years ago. According to historical references «the Tibetan milk mushroom enables to treat allergies quickly and painlessly even exceeding results of the checked methods». Nowadays it is already officially proved strains of the microorganisms that are the Tibetan milk mushroom, influence effectively treatment of inflammatory diseases. The infusion helps to restore organism in the postoperative period promoting healing of wounds. Naturally, the priority value of the Tibetan mushroom is still a treatment of such diseases of gastrointestinal tract as gastritis, pancreatic and also exacerbation of ulcer.


Seen here to the left are the spoors from the Mushroom, these are in similar shape to a cauliflower florets. They are soft to touch and once put in a jar and covered with milk, the mushroom will grow at an alarming rate. There are some rules when handling the Mushroom. You must NEVER let the mushroom come into contact with Metal as it will die if it touches any metal. The way I use it is to get an old Coffee Jar and give it a good clean with hot and cols water so there is no coffee residue left in the Jar. Put the mushroom into the Jar and cover with milk ( just a glass full) Let it stand over night on a work top or bench, Do not put the mushroom in the fridge as this will slow the growth and make it not as effective as it would in ambient temperature. Let it stand over night. In the morning pour the contents from the Jar into a plastic suive and over a glass bowl. The milk will drip away from the Mushroom as you wiggle the mushroom. Drink the milk ( you can add Honey or strawberry if you find the tastes a bit too sour.) After you have washed the mushroom in warm water and washed the coffee Jar out you can put the mushroom back into the Jar and refill again with Milk.

The powers of this Mushroom are amazing. I have give cuttings to friends who have had stomach problems and it seems to have have improved their digestion system. The Mushroom originates from Tibet where I once read that a man who was dying of stomach cancer was prescribed the Mushroom by the Tibetan Monks after he seeked solace there. It is reported that the Monks gave him the Mushroom as a memento. He has passed the Mushroom around and many people have benefited from its properties.

Here is my Mushroom


The one to the left is my coffee Jar with the milk......The photo above is the dry mushroom and how it looks


This mushroom to my knowledge cannot be bought in shops, it can only be obtained from people who already have a mushroom and can pass on some of its growing's.

If you are Interested in getting your hands on a Tibetan Mushroom then you can drop me an e mail and for a relatively small handling fee I will be able to send you a Tibetan Mushroom of your own


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Tibetan Mushroom